Cloud-based Scada and IOT Server


Users can easily set up a remote monitoring system using only the web interface. From anywhere in the world, you can monitoring devices, create animated graphics, and control your devices. If a person has not installed an automation system before, he can build it now. No need to know the different and complex software. Our system can communicate with Modbus and BACnet open protocols easily. 
These protocols are often used in industrial and building automation systems. So you can buy any brand device that communicates with these protocols and add it to your system. You can communicate with IOT objects.  It is fully compatible with the Maintenance Management System. Among our references are 5-star hotels, hospitals and school campuses. It is scalable software so you can use this smart home or distributed campus.

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Maintenance Management System



Operators can track failure or maintenance status of the any devices and euipments  via handheld terminals or mobile phones they want to monitoring online. Operators can be monitoring any status and make input at field side. The performances of devices and operators are reported instantaneously. It is cloud-based and Industry 4.0 compliant

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Mobile Project Tracking System

It is cloud-based software designed to ensure that corporate memory stays within the company. The mobile application can work offline and will be synchronize when online. Users can make daily reports, picture and file sharing, online messaging with other users, questions about the subject group and their job follow up via this platform. In this way, all information about the projects will remain on your company's servers, can be archived regularly, analyzed and reported online to staff and administrators. With this software, your corporate information is protected and automatically archived against personel computer and unknown mobile app.

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Easy Specification Maker



It is cloud-based software. If a person, designer or contractor does not know how to design a building automation system, he or she can create a specification, create point lists, schemas and BOQ via this web based software easily. 

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Web Platforms




We are developing some web platforms like as personel tracking system, human resources, classified and advertisement platform etc…

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